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AI Workshops

Workshops serve as collaborative platforms where professionals convene to exchange inquiries, insights, and expertise within the intersection of foreign policy and AI.

Check our Input Paper on AI and FP


As artificial intelligence rapidly advances, it is transforming every sector of society, from business and finance to healthcare and national security. For professionals in foreign policy, it is imperative to recognize that comprehending the ramifications of AI and actively leveraging it in foreign affairs is not a choice but a necessity.

  • Uncover AI complexities and highlight its potential for foreign policy.

  • Recognize both the benefits and risks, emphasizing the importance of a nuanced understanding for effective policymaking.

  • Establish a knowledge-sharing platform for foreign policy and AI, recognizing the diverse challenges.

  • Through shared experiences, foster ethical and effective solutions.

  • Foster a robust and enduring professional network among participants, encouraging ongoing communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing beyond the workshop.


21 March 2024
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 5.11.45 PM.png

The workshop, tailored for foreign policy professionals in Mexico City, delved deeply into the realm of AI. Our agenda included introducing the potential, challenges, and opportunities posed by AI. We examined global applications of AI in diplomacy, showcased specific use cases from Germany, and engaged in discussions about potential future applications. Additionally, we explored the challenges and opportunities that AI brought to Mexico.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the German Embassy in Mexico, and the International Digital Dialogues implemented by GIZ. It was generously hosted at Goethe Institute CDMX. 

21 November 2023
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 5.35.26 PM.png

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the German Embassy and GIZ in Belgrade. 

This workshop was organized in two parts. The first part was designed for the German Embassy staff in Belgrade, with the aim of demystifying artificial intelligence, neural networks, large language models and other topics related to the latest emerging technologies developments. The second part was designed for the GIZ professionals working in Serbia and the broader Western Balkans region. It delved into the latest developments at the intersection of AI and FP, with a specific applications in Peacebuilding, Conflict Prevention, Anticipatory Action and Peace and International Negotations. 

13 October 2023
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 5.43.14 PM.png

This on-site workshop provided a deep dive into artificial intelligence for foreign policy professionals working in Berlin and beyond. As a breadth of new AI applications shook up both business and warfare, from Silicon Valley to Eastern Ukraine, it was crucial for those working on foreign policy – from diplomacy to climate, and from development to trade – to understand the fundamental changes this technology was about to bring.


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